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Friday, 17 June 2011

What's the point? (Part 2)

Following on from my previous rant, here are some other things that literally have no purpose to them at all or alternatively have annoyed me.

Firstly, what is the point in people spilling their lives over the internet, specifically Facebook. Everyday there is someone with some pointless status post about how unhappy they are and how they wish their lives could be so much better. Why? What could possibly be so bad about sitting around at home using the internet to make you want to type that, and then thirty minutes later post another status declaring how happy you are with things and how life is perfect? Please do me a massive favour and fall down a well, that might even present you with something worthy of a status proving to be somewhat ironic.

Another thing that I can see literally no point to are tuned or modified cars, such as Renault Clio's and Vauxhall Corsa's. I know people modify them to make them look better or go faster, but my point is why do it to a small car like those mentioned. You see countless numbers of the boy racers going up and down the high street late at night, parading their prized possession to the world as if we as spectators are meant to stop what we are doing and scream "bugger me that is brilliant, look how that Corsa now lights up at the bottom, and how the side looks like it has flames on it but its actually paint, and how the car now sounds like a Boeing 757 when it accelerates from 0-7mph, isn't it brilliant!" No, no it isn't brilliant. It is pathetic.

What is the point in Celebrity Autobiographies? Especially when the so called celebrity in question has not done anything remotely worthy of writing a book about it. Take Katie Price aka Jordan, for example.  Katie Price is mostly famous for having unnaturally sized breasts, and at 33 years of age she has managed to write four Autobiographies about her career, yes four, which has come around as a result of large breasts and a succession of failed relationships. How on earth can this 'career' constitute four books to be published, when it shows as much creativity as that which is found in a toddlers doodle book? How can she even be able to write one book when she has a similar IQ score to that of a cabbage? Yet there are millions of people out there who will buy these books and provide a useless human with more and more money to the point where she is worth an estimated £40million. It would not surprise me if Harvey Price brings out a series of books which show a higher level of intelligence and a greater understanding of literature than those produced by his mother.

What is the point in Ryan Giggs trying to defend himself further from any new allegations made about him in the media? The man has dug himself into a hole so big, the Chilean miners would not be able to be rescued from it so why does Ryan Giggs think he will be any different? He has gone throughout his career with the image of the model professional being attached to him. He has been a role model, on and off the pitch, for all upcoming professional footballers and now the truth has come to light and he is worried that people wont think the same of him now. Everybody knows who Ryan Giggs really is off the field and he isn't so much of a role model now, so why bother attempting to hide away from it all when everybody knows the truth.

Also what is the point in people sharing their opinions and views over the internet? Is that not the most depressing thing that you have ever heard of. I am sure the only reason these people post their opinions online is because they are so boring and uninteresting in reality that they feel they are unable to express such concerns and views publicly and as a result must venture into the realm of cyberspace to vent such frustrations. These are people we could do without surely?

And before you start, I am aware and do realise that the last part of this blog was soaked in severe levels of irony. It was used for comic effect, and if you failed to pick up on it then, what's the point?

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