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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Only Way Is Essex: An Insight To Human Development

Now you all must have heard about the ITV2 Reality TV Show, The Only Way Is Essex. This fantastic piece of television footage collected and put together to constitute a "TV Show", and I use the term very loosely, was first aired on 10th October 2010. The premise of the show is to present a group of young adults growing up in Essex as a British alternative to The Hills or Jersey Shore, where they are inaccurately described as "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way".

This description could not possibly be any further from the truth on so many levels. Firstly in what possibly degenerate society can any of the 'cast members' being legally called "real people", I have seen some interesting characters in my time and none come close to those that are presented to the nation on 'TOWIE', as it is known, are literally the finest examples of humanity that Essex has to offer.

Each of the eleven main "characters" whose lives are dramatically followed, intruded upon and played with all seem to be different in appearance, but under the very thick layers of make up and fake tan they are all the same shallow, self-centred, fame craving human beings who need not be paid attention to. They all come across as the sort of people who would be impressed at the most trivial of things, and act as if they are so impressed at how they can sit and see themselves on the television despite not actually being in the television itself. The sort of people who, if presented with the decision between food and fake tan, would not hesitate to sacrifice nutrition in order to look as orange as a tangerine, and it would quite frankly work in their favour as it would mean "no Carbs before Marbs".

Since The Only Way Is Essex was brought to our television sets on 10th October 2010, the show has gone on to produce a further 19 Episodes to date, excluding specials, where the undoubtedly insignificant lives of Mark Wright, James Argent, Lauren Goodger and co have been further invaded to a truly unnecessary level of detail, so much so it has become the new Big Brother and the viewers can actually relate to these individuals, as I try to avoid the use of the term 'people' as much as possible.

Despite the wide spread affection and love shown towards the 'cast' of TOWIE there has also been considerable negative feedback related to the show, which is hard to believe but I guess people are entitled to their opinion, I mean how could revealing such characters as Joey Essex, and how their fantastic mind works, possibly be seen as a negative image for Essex? Exactly.

Oh wait, no I do see where they are coming from. This Joey Essex is literally one of the most pathetic examples of human development that I think I have ever seen. He has been brought up in a lifestyle where the possibilities to learn are endless, he has had no limitations as to the resources he could access to learn about the world due to the financial background and atmosphere in which he lives, yet he instead has 'grown up', again a term used loosely, to be a cretin. You would hope that Joey Essex would be the novelty character who didn't quite get it and the others laughed about it and got on with their lives, but unfortunately they are all as ignorant of the real world as the next. They all seem to find amusement in Joey Essex and his mistakes, which is totally understandable, but when they then go on to attempt to correct him and then act as if they are more intelligent is rather annoying.

It is like watching a group of mentally challenged individuals living their lives and pointing out and laughing at each others flaws and imperfections in life before the crushing reality of their own depressing lives hits home and they end up in tears also. Actually it is exactly that, it is about as entertaining as a book full of carpet samples. I literally cannot see any attraction towards this show or how it has managed to last on air so long. It would not surprise me to find these girls on a channel like Babestation in a few years time as their 'career' in fashion or politics or whatever just "didn't take off as I had expected". As for the others they would not look out of place on Jeremy Kyle discussing how their brief spell on 'reality TV' has caused them so much emotional stress and turmoil that they now cannot trust anyone again.

Despite the love that people have for this show, I still believe The Only Way Is Essex literally is as insightful and interesting as a colonoscopy, a very detailed portrayal of what can only be accurately described as nothing but shit. If I wanted to gain a perverted insight into the shallow, insignificant lives of so called celebrities I would simply pick up a national paper and observe the garbage which is written on the front page about the latest sex scandal of the 'nations favourite footballer'.

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